Who are we

Coverskin provides a range of colour film protection services for superyachts, yachts and boats up to 120m. They are experts in wrapping all parts of the yacht from the hull to decorative interior or exterior panels and furniture.

Coverskin wrapping products does not only protect yachts and superyachts, but maintains and improves the look of the vessel. They can also provide services for the commercial architecture, decorative furniture, walls and ceilings with their simple solution implementation.

Coverskin services

  • Rapid response
  • No disassembly required
  • Installation and support
  • UV protection

The principle of Coverskin wrapping & covering

To renovate, customise and protect the hull of your boat, there is a special technique of ‘wrapping and covering’ used by Coverskin, applying an adhesive film decoration or protective film on part of or all of the hull.

Discover their wide range of paint colours, enhance the protection of your boat with their “coverskin” solution. Their films transfer directly onto the original painting, protect and can be removed easily, without damaging the surface.

Benefits of using Coverskin (relooking & design)

  • 3D image synthesis to simulate your makeover
  • Original and unlimited customisation changes
  • Less expensive than painting
  • Interchangeable and customisable colour control
  • A wider range of choices than painting (carbon, matte, metallic, etc.)
  • Reduces downtime of the boat
  • Offers protection of the shell and the original paint
  • Total or partial decoration of the shell
  • Mask the original paint, old scratches or discoloration of the shell
  • More eco-friendly
  • Coverskin can also help facilitate the resale

They are at your disposal to make a custom quote or an appointment on your yacht. clic here

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