Di-Noc Wood Grain

he natural appearance of the different patterns, varying from light to dark, and all popular timber types create an atmosphere of warmth and prestige. Because of their natural repeat and grain pattern they have a similar look to authentic wood. Some references have a glossy visual effect.

Di-Noc Fine Wood

A combination of unique processing steps results in a woodgrain appearance and texture that closely resemble authentic wood. Available in different patterns, varying from traditional wood to modern architectural designs. New designs within the Fine Wood series with horizontal grains, giving an even more natural look to your interior.

Di-Noc High-Gloss

The smoothness of the film gives high gloss surface. It adds clear and brilliant impression to the space. These patterns can be used either as an accent color or for main finishing of the wall.

Di-Noc Random Style

These patterns change their face depending on the angle you look at. RS-1192, 1193, 1194 are inspired by diamond cut design. RS-1189, 1190, 1191 are inspired by mosaic tile.

DI-Noc Metallic

Metallic - This colourful product range is varying from anodized to embossed appearance. ME Metallics have a satin finish, whilst the VM Metallics are glossy. The PA patterns are created through aluminium flake and pigment and most of these can be used outdoors.

Di-Noc Metallic Wood

Black Persimmon and Ebony - 3 kinds of brightness.

Di-Noc Single Color

Family consisting of soft and vivid colour groups. PS 959SR white is smoke resistant.

Di-Noc Carbon

Carbon - Very trendy family. Designs for indoor and outdoor usage.

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