Di-Noc Wood Grain

  • WG_364GN.jpg
  • WG_1041.jpg
  • WG_1042.jpg
  • WG_1043.jpg
  • WG_1044.jpg
  • WG_1046.jpg
  • WG_1048.jpg
  • WG_1049.jpg
  • WG_1050.jpg
  • WG_1052.jpg
  • WG_1056.jpg
  • WG_1057.jpg
  • WG_1058.jpg
  • WG_1063.jpg
  • WG_1064.jpg
  • WG_1066.jpg
  • WG_1067.jpg
  • WG_1069.jpg
  • WG_1070.jpg
  • WG_1071.jpg
  • WG_1140.jpg
  • WG_1141.jpg
  • WG_1142.jpg
  • WG_1145H.jpg

Project details

he natural appearance of the different patterns, varying from light to dark, and all popular timber types create an atmosphere of warmth and prestige. Because of their natural repeat and grain pattern they have a similar look to authentic wood. Some references have a glossy visual effect.

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