Sibu Punch-Line / 3D

  • pl_3d_h_8_30_30_hgs_silver_1
  • pl_3d_h_8_30_30_silver_pfmet_1
  • pl_3d_h_8_30_30_zebrano_graphite_pf_met_touch_1_silver_matt_1
  • pl_3d_q_5_15_15_black_touch_1_silver_1
  • pl_3d_q_5_15_15_mahogany_silver_1
  • pl_3d_q_5_15_15_silver_pf_met_silver_1
  • pl_3d_q_5_15_15_tobacco_touch1_silver_1
  • pl_3d_q_10_40_40_silver_brushed_silver_1
  • pl_3d_q_10_40_40_silver_pf_met_blue_1
  • pl_3d_q_10_40_40_silver_pf_met_silver_1
  • pl_3d_q_10_40_40_smoke_pf_met_touch1_silver_matt_1
  • pl_3d_roses_champagne_pf_met_gold_1
  • pl_3d_roses_pearl_white_gold_1
  • pl_3d_roses_silver_pf_met_silver_1
  • pl_q_5_15_15_hgs_1
  • pl_q_5_15_15_silver_brushed_matt_ar_1
  • pl_q_5_15_15_silver_pf_met_1
  • pl_q_10_40_40_grey_brushed_matt_ar_1
  • pl_q_10_40_40_hgs_1
  • pl_q_10_40_40_silver_pf_met_1

Project details

PUNCH-LINE combines perforated, metallic surfaces with abrasion-resistant surface quality. Stylish, 3D-effect films lend the PUNCH-LINE 3D perforation patterns their name and the whole series again comes with top looks and fashionable colours.

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