DI-Noc Metallic

  • ME_147.tif
  • ME_148.tif
  • ME_377.tif
  • ME_388.tif
  • ME_391.tif
  • ME_396.tif
  • ME_431.jpg
  • ME_432.jpg
  • ME_433.jpg
  • ME_536.tif
  • ME_1174.jpg
  • ME_1175.jpg
  • ME_1176.jpg
  • ME_1434.jpg
  • ME_1435.jpg
  • ME-379.jpg
  • ME-380.jpg
  • PA_036.tif
  • PA_038.tif
  • PA_039.tif
  • PA_046.tif

Project details

This colourful product range is varying from anodized to embossed appearance. ME Metallics have a satin finish, whilst the VM Metallics are glossy. The PA patterns are created through aluminium flake and pigment and most of these can be used outdoors.

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