Sibu Multistyle

  • ms_anthracite_3x3_1
  • ms_anthracite_5x5_1
  • ms_anthracite_10x10_1
  • ms_brown_3x3_1
  • ms_brown_5x5_1
  • ms_brown_10x10_1
  • ms_fashion_grey_5x5_1
  • ms_galaxy_silver_5x5_1
  • ms_gold_3x3_1
  • ms_gold_3x6_1
  • ms_gold_5x5_1
  • ms_gold_10x10_1
  • ms_gold_20x20_1
  • ms_green_glaze
  • ms_hgs_10x10_1
  • ms_iceblue_10x10_1
  • ms_magic_black_5x5_1
  • ms_magic_creme_5x5_1
  • ms_magic_red_5x5_1
  • ms_magic_white_5x5_1
  • ms_silver_3x3_1
  • ms_silver_3x6_1
  • ms_silver_5x5_1
  • ms_silver_10x10_1
  • ms_silver_20x20_1
  • ms_white_glaze
  • msc_diagonal_silver_15x15_1
  • msc_diagonal_silver_30_3x30_3_1
  • msc_rhombus_silver_15x15_1
  • msc_silver_5x5_1
  • msc_silver_10x10_1
  • msc_silver_30x30_1

Project details

The MultiStyle programme comprises mirror and metallic surfaces with a stylish mosaic look. MultiStyle products are characterized by their extreme flexibility and are therefore suitable for highly individual applications. Even curved surfaces are no problem for our mosaic mirrors and MultiStyle is simply a must in the display and decoration area.

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